When shopping for handcrafted soaps, many people opt for the products with their favorite aromas. Whether you prefer floral scents or culinary essences, traditional soap makers like Soaps & Scents use a combination of essential oils and fragrance oils to achieve the feel and smell customers crave. Read on to learn why artisan soap crafters utilize fragrance and essential oils in soap.

The power of aromatherapy

Our loyal customers come to us because they love the essential and fragrance oils in soaps we craft. For fans of aromatherapy, you already know the numerous reasons to use essential oils. If you’re new to this self-care practice, aromatherapy triggers desired emotional responses in a person to help them relax, get energized or find balance.

That’s why the scent of bath products matters so much. You want to use soaps, lotions and other items with the aromas that help achieve your wellness goals.

The benefits of fragrance oils

There’s a variety of reasons we incorporate fragrance oils in soap along with the essential oils people love. To produce fragrance oils, experts mix aroma chemicals, essential oils, extracts and resins. Many fragrance oils combine up to 80 different ingredients to create unique aromas.

One reason soap makers rely on fragrance oils is that they have a longer-lasting effect than essential oils. Unlike essential oils, which tend to fade during the cold process of making soap, fragrance oils remain fragrant for more time.

Additionally, fragrance oils are required ingredients in making the most beloved smells for bath products. There’s no strawberry essential oil, but that’s one of the most popular scents people look for in soaps. With more than 200 varieties of high-quality fragrance oil aromas available, we’re able to test the various smells throughout the task of small-batch soap production.

The benefits of essential oils

Essential oils play a pivotal part in small-batch soap making. These 100 percent pure additives give fragrance oils their unique bouquets. To ensure we’re making and selling the finest soap, we must combine essential oils, fragrance oils and other ingredients. These elements work in unison to thoroughly clean your hands or body while also smelling terrific.

Research demonstrates the direct correlation between essential oils and the successful application of aromatherapy methods. With these natural derivatives, we’re able to help customers seeking aromatherapy wellness solutions while indulging in decadent but affordable bath products.

Crafting your favorite small-batch soaps

Soap making is both an art and a science that demands creativity and precision. Incorrectly combining essential and fragrance oils yields unusable products. But a keen understanding of the cold-process method allows us to produce truly dreamy soaps.

Since 1994, Soaps & Scents has perfected the cold process for handcrafting small-batch soaps and other spa products. We’ve spent years working with fragrance and essential oils in soaps to master the best methods for incorporating these materials into our products. Shop our selection of soaps, hand cleaners, spa products, candles, loo de toilette and gift sets to find the ones in your favorite scents. Contact us now if you have any questions about how we craft our products.