It’s amazing that animal testing is still an issue in 2021. You’d think that the days of testing beauty products and soaps on defenseless animals would be over by now. But according to Cruelty Free International, there are still more than 115 million animals being used in testing throughout the world every single year. There’s just no excuse for companies that won’t commit to making cruelty-free soap and continue to test animals when there are so many advantages of cruelty-free soap. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of vegan soap, here are some reasons to commit to purchasing cruelty free.

Animal testing is cruel

Rabbits, dogs, cats and more are subjected to completely inhumane conditions when they’re used as product testing subjects. Not only are they confined to tiny cages, they are subjected to tests that can maim, blind and even kill them. These animals are basically brought into the world to suffer and live in fear. One of the advantages of cruelty-free soap is that you aren’t participating in harming animals. If you choose to use vegan soap, it’s one way that you can stand up for defenseless creatures and say no to animal testing.

There are so many alternatives for testing

When it comes to making soap, there is just no reason you need to rely on animal testing to make sure your product is safe. There are now countless alternatives to animal testing for determining if a product will be harmful or have negative health effects for human beings. With methods ranging from cultured cell tissue tests to computer models, you can test products without harming animals. There are also more than 7,000 cosmetic ingredients that are considered safe and approved for use already! Companies are free to make their products with ingredients that don’t even need to be tested, so there is really no reason animal testing should still be going on in this industry.

Cruelty-free soap is everywhere

Animal testing used to be much more ubiquitous, but now there is really very little excuse for buying soap that has been tested on animals. If you know how and where to look, you should be able to find countless soaps that are cruelty free. To know if a soap or other beauty product is made cruelty free, you should look for the Leaping Bunny logo. The Leaping Bunny is an internationally recognized symbol that the ingredients in a product were not tested on animals.

Shop small and local

If you’re looking for responsible, cruelty-free soap, be sure to shop at Soaps & Scents. We’ve been making soap bars the old-fashioned way for more than two decades. It all starts with a blend of saponified olive, coconut and palm kernel oils. To that blend are added shea butter, essential oils, fragrance oils and natural colorants for beautiful, cruelty-free soap that you can feel good about using. For more information about our selection of products and how we make them, please reach out or visit us today.