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Why Soap Makes a Great Gift This Holiday Season

What do you get the person who seems to have it all? If you ask the team at Soaps & Scents, there’s only one answer: soap! Soap is a great Christmas or holiday gift for anyone. After all, we all need to stay clean—and that’s much more pleasant when you have high-quality, handmade soaps to […]

Why Soy Wax Is the Best for Candles

During this time of year, lots of people purchase candles to make their homes feel cozy and to add a pleasant aroma. While a lot of people select candles based only on how they smell, it’s also important to consider what candles are made of when deciding which candles are right for you. If you’re […]

Does Soap Expire?

We check expiration dates for all sorts of food and beauty products, but you’re probably not checking your bar of soap. What is the shelf life of soap? Does it ever expire? You might not know that most soap is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Yes, soap can expire, especially if it’s […]