The holidays are coming, and you may be wondering if your home is up to the task of hosting a number of people. Whether it’s for a party, hosting family members for a holiday meal or having guests for an extended visit, you want your space to be inviting and welcoming.

Why not try investing in some high-quality room spray? At Soaps & Scents, we use all-natural ingredients to achieve a delightful scent that will brighten up any room. Room fresheners banish bad and dirty odors, making every room smell great. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why right now is the best time for bringing in room sprays:

  • Masking smells:
    You may clean your house fairly frequently, but even if you do, there are still going to be some odors left behind. That’s where a room spray comes in. It can remove those less desirable smells instantly, covering them up and replacing them with a more pleasant scent.
  • Flexibility:
    You can use room sprays in any part of the room and still achieve the same effect. You may want to use it in a high-traffic area, then in a musty part of the house that doesn’t receive as much air. You can do that easily, meaning that you’re customizing the use of scent to your space as you see fit.
  • Safe and natural:
    Unlike bulky oxygen fresheners, room sprays and fresheners are easy to hide, use natural ingredients and can be made inaccessible to pets and children. This allows the freshener to be out of the way and doing what it does best: making your home smell great.
  • A complement to other strategies:
    Along with using a room spray, there are other ways to keep every room in your home smelling great. Place your favorite fragrant flowers around in vases, or use your favorite spices, like whole cinnamon or cloves, and simmer them on the stovetop. Allow the smell to circulate throughout the home. Leaving an open box of baking soda in stinky places will help absorb the bad odors as well.

Are you looking for a provider of room sprays? Soaps & Scents is your ideal source. Everything we carry is handmade and distributed in small quantities. We only use quality essential oils and fragrance oils that maintain a wonderful scent even years later. We’ve been making beautiful handmade soaps and other products for more than two decades. Our extensive selection of bar and liquid soaps includes a variety of fragrances and even some fun soaps, such as our Ducky or Cupcake soaps.

If you haven’t had a chance to try our wonderful soaps and other products, you’re in for a treat. In addition to our soaps, we also offer bath bombs, body lotions, room sprays and more. Stop by today for your first Soaps & Scents bar. We look forward to helping you find the ideal room spray or soap to help you welcome guests into your home this holiday season. We are available on Saturdays by appointment!

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