Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? What better time to enjoy your favorite summer treats! And now you can breathe in those amazing treats as well as taste them. Our soap store is offering a variety of fragrances that please the senses in celebration of your favorite ice cream flavors.

Don’t miss out on these delights! Soak them up while you can. Our current offerings include the following incredible selection:

  • Bar soaps: Wash off the summer heat and sweat with your favorite scents that honor National Ice Cream Month. Lather up with orange peel, strawberry vanilla or peppermint.
  • Sugar scrubs: Nothing says “summer” like a refreshing orange sherbet delight. Or try our warm vanilla sugar scrubs—you’ll be amazed at the pleasing aroma.
  • Candles: Enjoy unique scents this summer with Turkish mocha, café au lait and pumpkin souffle. Take yourself away to an island of paradise with coconut vanilla. These pleasing aromas are sure to enhance your summer.
  • Wax melts: Do you prefer wax burners to candles? We have you covered. Choose warm vanilla sugar, Turkish mocha or pumpkin souffle. And if you’re in the mood for Christmas in July, choose candy cane!
  • Cupcake soaps: What goes great with ice cream? Birthday cake is the perfect companion! In fact, many people like to combine these two with birthday cake ice cream. It’s a common favorite flavor. In honor of this popular pairing, check out any of our cupcake soaps.

National Ice Cream Month

Are you wondering how all this got started? Your local soap store did not initiate this celebration—it is truly a national event. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day and the month of July as National Ice Cream Month. He encouraged all Americans to observe these celebrations with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.” We believe soaps and candles qualify!

Join the Ranks

Of course, ice cream in its many forms has not always been available like it is today. Still, this summertime favorite has quite a lengthy history. Famous figures through the ages as early as the Roman emperor Nero are known to have enjoyed ice-cream-like treats. Nero collected ice or snow and flavored it with honey. Alexander the Great is reported to have enjoyed icy drinks with honey flavor as well.

Ice cream is first mentioned in American history in a letter dated 1744. Not long after, in 1790, George Washington is on record for spending $200 on ice cream. Thomas Jefferson made his own ice cream recipe, and Dolly Madison served ice cream at her husband’s second inaugural ball.

It was in 1843 that ice cream became available for the common folk, when Nancy Johnson patented the hand crank ice cream maker. Today, with modern freezers and ice cream factories, we can all enjoy this delicious treat any time, in a variety of forms—and National Ice Cream Month is the perfect opportunity!

Celebrate with Spectacular Aromas

Are you ready to join in the celebration of National Ice Cream Month? Dip into your favorite flavors in a new way with soaps, candles and wax melts from Soaps & Scents. Our soap store has everything you need to make your July smell great.