Loo De Toilette

We all know there are those times when a linen or room freshener spray just isn’t enough and that some types of stinks need a different solution rather than something that will just mask them. Whether it’s your own bathroom, the powder room at a friend’s home, or the public restroom at your favorite restaurant, you don’t want the wrong scent to linger after you’ve gone.

So what can you do to prevent bad bathroom odors? With our Loo De Toilette toilet spray, all you have to do to prevent embarrassing smells from hanging around is to spray a quick spray before using the toilet. That’s because Loo De Toilette is made using essential oils that create a film on the water in the toilet bowl that traps stinks underneath so they never reach the air. It’s our answer to the popular Poo Pourie™ and other toilet sprays and drops but made like our other soap and bath products, in small batches, using the highest percentage of essential oils.

At just 2oz, our toilet spray is small enough to fit in your pocket or a small bag like a purse. Buy several and place one in your own bathroom, one in your backpack or briefcase to take to work and 1 in to carry in your handbag or your pocket whenever you go out. We make our Loo De Toilette spray in 5 different fragrances so you’re sure to find one you’ll love.

Say so long to your stinky toilet!