While we are familiar with using scrubs on our faces to exfoliate, remove dirt and grime buildup, and allow the moisturizer to be absorbed and keep our skin hydrated, most of us don’t think of using the scrub on the rest of our bodies.

Legs, for instance, could benefit from using a scrub now and then, especially if you shave regularly. Using a body scrub on the legs will prevent those ingrown hairs that can develop after shaving. A regular scrub will make your legs look smooth and silky, with an even skin tone.

What Are the Benefits of Body Scrubs?

Skin is made up of layers of cells, and as a part of the natural order, the older cells need to be removed to allow new, fresh skin cells to come to the surface.

We shed skin cells all the time, but when natural shedding does not take place, we need to help nature by using body scrubs to help reveal those smooth, plump layers of skin cells that are trapped under the dead ones.

Body scrubs also help us clean and unclog skin pores to prevent the buildup of natural skin oils and skin cells from turning into acne.

The last benefit of an all-over body scrub is that it helps our skin to look smoother and even-toned. When dead skin layers are not removed, your skin will look dull, feel rough to the touch, and may even appear cracked in places.

Are Body Scrubs Dangerous?

Body scrubs are generally safe to use. As the name suggests, a body scrub removes the very outer layer of dead skin. But as with everything, don’t overdo the scrubbing part. Using body scrubs excessively can lead to skin dehydration and damage.

Physical removal of the dead skin buildup will reveal the radiant skin underneath, but at the same time, the scrubbing action also removes a part of the natural skin protection, which means that your skin will be more sensitive and fragile immediately after scrubbing.

You need to be aware of this and make sure you protect your skin after scrubbing. For instance, don’t go to sunbathe or spend time in a sauna directly after exfoliating your skin with a body scrub. The harsh UV rays of the sun and the hot steam in the sauna can cause damage to the exposed skin layers that are more fragile.

Some people may need to be made aware that the body scrub and exfoliating products do the same job of removing dead skin cells. Therefore, it is not necessary to use an exfoliator right after applying body scrub to your skin. Rather, make your choice of product and use one or the other.

Body scrubs can be used on almost any skin type to remove dead and dry skin cells, allowing the softer, new cells to be exposed, and create beautifully radiant skin. Keeping your skin smooth and allowing moisture to enter cells makes body scrub a great part of your skincare ritual as long as you don’t overdo it and remember to protect your skin for a day or two after using the body scrub.