Air fresheners and linen fresheners are something that most people have used at one point or another or that they use regularly. That being said, not all people know about these air fresheners. So, what are some things that you should know about air fresheners and linen sprays? Keep reading to find out.

10 Facts About Air Fresheners

1. Air fresheners are used to do just that. They are used to freshen the air. They do not get rid of the smell; they simply work to mask it or neutralize the particles that are causing the odor.

2. Air fresheners are often used inside homes and enclosed spaces. They will not be effective outside or in larger spaces as the smell is likely to dissipate before the air freshener can work.

3. Air fresheners have over 100 chemicals in them. It can cause major problems for your body.

4. Air fresheners can cause indoor pollution, making the air quality in your home or other areas less healthy.

5. Air fresheners have been found to cause asthma, respiratory issues, dermatitis, and even neurological issues in some cases.

6. Air freshener companies are not required to disclose what they put in their sprays. They are not required to list all substances unless they are greater than 75% of the composure of the spray.

7. Green air fresheners might not be as good for you as you think. They are not required to list all ingredients as well. They may also have some adverse chemicals as well.

8. People can be exposed to air fresheners without ever knowing they have been. Even if you are not spraying them in your own home, you may be in buildings and homes where it is used.

9. You can freshen your air without using an air freshener. You can use natural sprays, natural elements, and more to help air out your home and eliminate foul odors.

10. Air fresheners have not been greatly researched.

Why To Purchase All Natural Air Freshener Products

It is always best to look for products that are either certified organic, that have minimal ingredients, or that have been deemed safe and effective for home use. You want to make sure that you choose items that will be safe for you and your family.

When you ask, are air fresheners safe, there is really not enough research about these air fresheners to be able to tell if they are fully safe. Recent research leans toward the fact that they can have adverse effects on your health. Natural alternatives will be safer and easier to use and feel good about. They are also going to help keep you and your home safer overall.