What’s the best soap for COVID-19? Cleanliness and protection against germs are on everyone’s mind these days. But is there a best hand-washing solution? If we pit antibacterial soap against viruses, who wins?

The truth may surprise you. Read on to discover how you should be washing your hands and which soaps are your best bet during a pandemic.

The truth about antibacterial soaps

Health experts agree that the best soap for COVID-19 and any other virus is, in essence, any soap you intend to use. For the soap to keep you clean, you have to actually use it to wash your hands.

The second thing to keep in mind is that antibacterial soaps are really no more effective against a virus than any other kind of soap. Notice the word “bacteria,” not “virus,” is in the name of the soap.

Rather than the type of soap making the difference, it’s the technique that is important.

How to wash your hands

While experts admit that antibacterial soap’s effects against viruses is no better than those of other soaps, they do add that hand-washing in general does help slow the spread of disease. Research published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that hand-washing reduced the chances of catching a respiratory illness by 54 percent. So, don’t worry too much about whether you have the best soap for COVID-19. Simply use soap and water to wash your hands frequently.

However, in order to benefit from hand-washing, you must complete this task properly. A quick splash in the water won’t do. Health officials recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds. To track the time, hum “Happy Birthday” to yourself, or the alphabet song. By the time you get to the end of the tune of your choice, your hands should be clean.

Of course, you also have to scrub your hands. Simply holding them under the water for an entire rendition of the ABCs won’t get them clean. Use soap, and be sure to get your fingertips clean and not just your palms. Use back and forth rubbing and twisting with your fingers intertwined. Wash your thumb separately to make sure it gets clean, too.

When to wash your hands

Do this task often. If you’ve been in public places and have touched things that others have touched, you should wash your hands. If you’ve been around sick people, you should wash your hands. If you’re about to eat something, you should wash your hands. Most people don’t need to worry about doing this too often, since many people typically don’t do it enough.

Stay safe

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