Even though the weather in winter tends to be a little drier than in other seasons, it’s our springtime activities and hygiene habits that are most likely to dry out our skin as the season changes. In fact, the changes of seasons are the most crucial times to condition your skin to accept moisture so it doesn’t suffer from dryness all year long.

At Soaps & Scents, we advocate product safety and being environmentally conscious as you give your skin the best products to keep it from drying out. Here are just a few tips we have for people to get the most out of their skin care routine this spring:

The start of the spring can be a great time to exfoliate, because the winter weather combined with constant access to snow, sludge and salt can do a lot of damage to the skin and result in a buildup of dead skin cells. A light micro-dermabrasion followed by a moisturizing mask can help you get rid of the dead skin cells you built up over the winter months so you can rejuvenate your skin for the spring and keep it smooth and hydrated.

Use lighter lotions:
The winter months generally require thicker creams and serums to protect the skin against harsh temperatures and wind chills. Now, however, as the weather is warming up, you can swap out those heavier products in favor of lighter lotions. This will be especially important as the weather starts to get a bit more humid.

Use sunscreen:
Really, you should be using products with SPF all year long, but it becomes especially important as you start to expose more of your body to sunlight. Spring is a very high-risk time for sunburn and skin damage caused by UV exposure. This is because the sun doesn’t feel quite as powerful because the weather is so mild. You should still be sure to apply sunscreen (or other lotions with SPF) every day and reapply before activities outdoors.

Pick up some new products:
You’re going to be spending more time in the sun once spring rolls around, so why not take the change of season as a time for you to go out and pick up some new products to add to your skin care regimen? Here are just a few of the products we suggest—all of these are available from our soap store:

  • Sugar scrubs: These all-natural exfoliating scrubs make your skin feel soft using cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, jojoba, shea butter and various essential oils.
  • Loofa soaps: A glycerin soap with loofa captured within, these soaps will naturally exfoliate your skin as you wash and expose the loofa.
  • Shea butter creams: Known as Whipped Body Frostings, these creams are seven percent shea and cocoa butter, and absorb quickly without leaving a greasy film behind.

For more information about the products we have to offer for your skin care regimen this spring, contact Soaps & Scents or visit our soap store today.

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