Everyone wants their surroundings to smell good—whether in your home, office, or storefront, having a clean-smelling space is a big part of productivity. Smell is an underrated sense, but science has proven time and time again that certain scents can be inextricably linked to memories—meaning that if your home goods store smells like Grandma’s home-baked cookies, your customers will associate that sense of comfort and nostalgia with your business. It’s a subtle but effective detail that goes a long way in customer outreach.

Linen spray is a great way to freshen up your environment. You might not have time to deep clean, but you can easily spray fabrics for a cleaner, fresher room fast. Made of deionized water or a neutral alcohol, plus essential oils or other perfumes, they’re designed to be sprayed over fabrics, carpets and furniture to keep them smelling great between deep cleans or washing, without staining. You can also use them for aromatherapy purposes.

At Soaps & Scents, you can find the perfect linen sprays. Come test them out! Our line of Room Fresheners is made with PureFresh™ base, which is water soluble and completely alcohol free. You can use it just about anywhere without fear of damaging fabric, clothes or carpet. Here are some of our favorite ways to use linen sprays.

Fabric Furnishings and Carpet

Spritzing your soft fabric furnishings and carpets with linen spray is a great way to keep them fresh between cleanings. Even if you own your own carpet and upholstery cleaner, lugging it out and around your home or store is a pain! On the other hand, tracking in dirt and odor is just a fact of life.

With a quick spray around your home or business, you can help ensure that your space always smells as clean as if you had spent the day scrubbing.

Air Freshener

Company’s coming—or a big client is on the schedule—and you don’t have time to air out the room. What to do? Well, you can actually apply linen sprays right into the air as an air freshener. They’ll help neutralize unpleasant odors and fill the room with your selected fragrance. Pro tip: Pick the scent to complement the reason for company! Food smells are homey and welcoming; citrus scents are uplifting and cheerful. Fresh linen scents make everything smell like cozy clean laundry. Whatever your needs, there’s a spray for that.

Clothing Freshener

Linen sprays can also be used when your clothes aren’t dirty… but they could use a little boost. Maybe you went out to a concert, a club or a bonfire and your favorite jacket now has notes of tobacco or wood smoke—eliminate those smells and save your clothes with a quick blast of linen spray.

When you’re looking for linen sprays, be sure to stop by Soaps & Scents. Our handmade products are made by real people—not machines—in small batches to ensure the highest quality natural ingredients and attention to detail. Contact us today to check out our selection!