There’s a seemingly unending number of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok from friends and companies touting the benefits of natural oils. Yes, essential oils are having a moment right now. While controversy exists over whether or not essential oils provide the medicinal effects that manufacturers brag about, the science of smell does play a vital role in your everyday life. You probably don’t even realize it.

You are always smelling something

Your olfactory system works around the clock. Even when you don’t know it, this sensory system experiences smell all of the time. At any moment, scent molecules enter your nasal cavity and tickle your olfactory nerves. The odor then triggers a response in your brain. For instance, if you smell someone cooking your favorite meal, your brain flushes with feelings of happiness and joy.

Since smell is a sensory experience, certain memories may also trigger olfactory responses. For instance, remembering your beloved grandmother may be linked to the scent of the gorgeous roses she grew in her garden every year. Much like how when we see something we adore or dislike, and our brain responds, the same thing happens when we catch the scent of something in the air.

Since this system functions all day, every day, aromatherapy may be an effective method for treating certain conditions in conjunction with other remedies. However, essential oils are a billion-dollar industry. You could inadvertently waste precious time and money on aromatherapy products that do not yield results.

Why essential oils are trending

Aromatherapy is an easy way to address wellness concerns without the hassle of a doctor’s appointment, health insurance or prescriptions. As this method of self-care becomes more popular, researchers and individuals have started to look more closely into the uses for essential oils beyond aromatherapy applications.

Be advised that some companies make outlandish claims about their essential oil products. Since this market is currently unregulated, there is no oversight about how these oils are advertised or sold.

Make your nose work for you

We’ve mentioned that deep connection between your olfactory system and your memories. The goal of aromatherapy is to trigger an appropriate emotional response from you. This can be tricky if you have negative associations with specific odors.

By and large, research and data indicate that certain scents consistently create a variety of emotional responses. Lavender calms the mind, while neroli increases heart rate. Therefore, an essential oil diffuser filled with lavender and neroli oils might make it easier for you to focus on work because you are not anxious, but rather wide awake and ready to work.

When shopping for aromatherapy or essential oil products, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You do not want to purchase something that may hurt rather than help you.

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