Foaming soap is more than just a cool trick—it actually has some additional benefits over liquid or bar soaps. In the age of COVID-19, any handwashing is better than none, but washing with foaming soap might be the best option of all. Here’s why foam soap is a smart choice for your bathroom, kitchen and other settings.

How foaming soap works

Foaming soap is slightly diluted liquid soap in a special pressurized dispenser. When you pump the dispenser, the soap is infused with air, which creates a pleasant foam. Some foaming dispensers are refillable, while others are disposable—attempting to refill the latter type of dispenser will not create the same foaming effect.

The dispenser has two chambers: one delivers soap, while the other combines the soap with air to create the foam. Depending on what kind of dispenser you have, you may need to replace refillable containers with special pressurized soap pods.

Here’s a closer look at the advantages of using foaming soap:

  • Always get the right amount: Foam soap dispensers are designed to dispense the exact amount of soap you need, pre-foamed, for maximum efficacy. It’s deposited straight into your hands so that all you have to do is add water and scrub. This enables you to cover your hands in lather rather than working to create it, potentially washing soap down the drain instead of using it to kill the germs on your hands. In the pandemic era, this benefit cannot be overstated.
  • Easier on the environment: Foaming soap is environmentally friendly, thanks to the minimal amount you’ll need. It washes less soap down the drain—and since you’re only getting the soap you need, you need less water to fully rinse it away. Plus, it’s far less likely to clog your drains, which often requires harsh chemicals and drain cleaners to resolve. Since conservation is on everyone’s minds these days, foaming soap is a responsible and safe choice for many consumers.
  • Cost effective: When it comes to handwashing, the more soap, the better, right? Sure—unless you’re the person paying for it. Since foam soap distributes a pre-determined amount, you’ll go through less soap in a longer period of time. This type of dispenser doesn’t need to be filled as often, which lessens your impact on the environment while saving you some cash. This is particularly useful in work environments where frequent handwashing is necessary.
  • Kids love them: Got some reluctant hand-washers in your household? Kids love foaming soap. Many parents find it’s easier to get their kids to follow proper handwashing techniques when the process is “fun.”

Foaming soap is an easy and smart choice when you want to keep your hands clean, save money and reduce your impact on the environment—and when you buy from a small, independent company like Soaps & Scents, you’ll also get superior quality and hypoallergenic products. Shop our foaming soap collection or stop by our store during business hours. We’d be glad to help you find your new favorite products.