As the holidays approach, we’re likely to be at more social gatherings. From work parties to family traditions, autumn and winter holidays involve a lot of togetherness and a lot of food… which can mean a lot of trips to the bathroom. As people host gatherings and get-togethers, guests may be shy about asking for directions to your carefully prepared guest bathroom. After all, no one wants to be the person to make the bathroom stink—or be blamed for someone else’s intestinal woes.

A holiday bathroom spray allows anyone to feel comfortable tending to their personal business amidst a gathering, with the confidence their “number two” doesn’t become topic number one. At Soaps & Scents, our Loo de Toilette is the answer to preventing foul smells from ever reaching your nose. Made in small batches with a high concentration of essential oils, a couple of sprays into the toilet bowl will help trap odors before they can escape. It’s a holiday hosting must-have, and you can pick up your own bottle at our store in El Cajon, CA today.

What’s the science behind the smell?

Everyone uses the bathroom, but when it smells bad, it can be embarrassing. Usually, foul odors are caused by something you ate, and depend on which stool bacteria is present. Depending on the bacteria, different odors are produced.
However, there are some other causes:

Alcohol: Alcohol, a mainstay of holiday social gatherings in many places, can affect your stomach lining and gut bacteria to produce unusual smells. It also contains a significant amount of sulfates, which produce sulfide gas.

Prescriptions and supplements: Certain medications and supplements can wreak havoc on your gut. Prescriptions can cause malabsorption of nutrients, which produces nasty smells, and some supplements like glucosamine, chondroitin and garlic can produce sulfide gases.

Lactose intolerance: If you’re lactose intolerant, you know what’s coming if you indulge in that hunk of Brie—your body is unable to digest the lactose properly, resulting in stinky, loose stool.

Foods with sulfur: Cruciferous vegetables, eggs and dairy, meat and other foods high in sulfur will produce sulfide gas in the gut. You don’t have to avoid them completely, and shouldn’t—sulfur is a necessary part of the diet.

High-fat diets: If you’re eating a high-fat diet, your body may not be able to break it down appropriately, which results in high-fat (smelly) excrement.
Bowel or intestinal disease: Certain disorders—like Crohn’s, IBS and celiac disease—can interfere with your bowels’ productivity, and the effects can be foul.

No matter the cause of your smelly byproducts, a bottle of Loo de Toilette ensures you and your guests will never be embarrassed.

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At Soaps & Scents, we make all our products by hand and in small batches. You can feel confident that the handmade soaps and bath products you purchase from us will always be made of the highest-quality natural ingredients. Stop by our El Cajon shop to pick up your own Loo de Toilette today!