Soft skin is healthy skin—and using lotion is one of the best ways to ensure your skin looks and feels great. You can use it on a regular basis to soften dry, rough skin, get rid of scaly knees and elbows and lock in healthy moisture.

Why use lotion?

Lotions are good for all skin types, even oily ones—although if you have particularly dry skin, you may want to use a body cream or body butter to moisturize. Typically, lotions contain humectants, which attract and seal in moisture, as well as emollients, which soften and smooth the skin. Lotions often contain fatty acids and vitamin E, which protect the natural skin barrier and maintain healthy skin.

You’ll get best results if you use lotion after your shower, when your skin is clean and damp, and your pores are open. Most lotions can be used on the entire body, but may cause your face to break out—use facial moisturizers for that purpose.

Benefits of using lotion

Here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of incorporating lotion into your skincare regiment:

  • Keep your skin hydrated: When you live in a hot, dry area, your skin has a harder time retaining moisture. Your skin can get chapped and cracked from dry air, wind, heat and even the cold. Lotion helps seal in moisture to improve hydration, reduce irritation and prevent further damage.
  • Maintain your tan: Love that golden summer glow? Lotion helps maintain your tan, so apply daily after your shower to make it last.
  • Soothe extra dry or rough spots: Elbows, knees, random scaly patches and skin conditions like eczema can leave your skin feeling more like a Martian landscape than a human body. Lotion helps soothe and heal these areas, making them feel as smooth and soft as the rest of your skin.
  • Enhance your natural skin tone: With regular use, your skin becomes healthier, which means it will glow from the inside out. When you regularly moisturize, your skin will not only feel better, it will also look better. Whether you’re hitting the beach or want to look great in a little black dress, regular moisturizing is key.
  • Smells great: If you like scented lotions, choosing a high-quality version can replace perfumes and other scents. It’s a subtler way to achieve a signature scent. Plus, depending on the scent, you might enjoy some aromatherapeutic effects. It’s like going to the spa for five minutes every day.
  • Get rid of calluses: Calluses can form on our hands and feet, especially if you work a manual job, play sports frequently or wear ill-fitting shoes. These rough, hardened areas of skin are your body’s way of protecting the skin—but they don’t exactly look or feel great. Lotion helps soften and remove the dead skin, so you have baby-soft skin everywhere.

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