It’s hard to believe, but Christmas is now less than three months away, meaning it’s time for you to start thinking about the kind of holiday gifts you’ll be giving to your friends and family. Here at Soaps & Scents, we have plenty of great soaps, gels, foamers and toiletries that make great additions to gift baskets for thoughtful, high-quality, practical gifts!

We have a couple different options for gift sets that include our products: a smaller set and a larger set. The smaller sets contain a two-ounce shower gel, hand lotion and body lotion, as well as a two-ounce container of whipped body butter. The larger set features a four-ounce shower gel, four-ounce hand lotion, four-ounce sugar scrub and a matching bar of soap.

Within these sets, you’re able to customize which particular homemade soaps, gels and lotions you want. We offer products in a variety of scents, some of which are especially ideal for the holidays. Here are just a few examples of favorites:

Tangerine sage:

If you’re looking for a soap or wash that’s a bit fruitier in its scent, get the citrus blast of tangerine sage. The slightly sharper (yet still sweet) tangerine smell is balanced by the earthy notes of sage that linger just underneath. This scent is available in several of our products. It’s especially a favorite among children, who are much more likely to be attracted to citrus smells than they are to some other herbs and floral smells that are popular in the world of soap and body wash. You can use it either in the kitchen or bathroom, on your hands or your whole body.


Lavender-scented soaps, washes and gels are true classics. There are few smells that are cleaner and more appealing than fresh lavender, which is one of the reasons why this product is so popular among our customers. In the bar soap, we use a pure lavender essential oil mixed in with the natural soap base, which makes it ideal for use on all skin types and for people of all ages.


The gardenia scent is what one might consider a “neutral” scent for soaps and body washes, which makes it perfect for all-purpose usage in both the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll find it’s not too sweet and not too flowery—it’s simply “fresh,” which makes it the kind of option that your entire family and guests will appreciate. It’s available in several product forms.


While we have a number of products that use a pure jasmine scent, we only have a couple that use this unique jasmine-pikaki mixture, including our Jasmine-Pikaki Loo de Toilette. This is our version of a jasmine toilet odor blocker. Simply give a few sprays into a toilet bowl, and you’ll create a seal that keeps foul odors at bay under the water. It’s also highly portable, meaning you can carry it with you for use in public restrooms.

For more information about some of the best gift ideas we have, including our homemade soaps, contact Soaps & Scents today.

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