What are your plans for April? Did you know it’s National Couple Appreciation Month? It’s time to celebrate! What better way to honor couples than with some special spa time for relaxation and rejuvenation? Your local soap store in El Cajon, CA has a few great ideas to make your month special.

Spa Day

Build a spa day for each of you. You don’t even have to leave home! With the products available on the market today, you can easily create an in-home oasis that de-stresses and romanticizes even more effectively than a trip to the spa. Gather the following supplies to create your spa day:

  • Bath bombs: Homemade bath bombs in El Cajon, CA turn your ordinary bath into an effervescent experience. Simply drop one in your tub to create some bubbling excitement for your spa day.
  • Whipped body frosting: Created with shea and cocoa butters, these frostings absorb into the skin to leave it feeling nourished (and non-greasy)!
  • Body lotions: Body lotions in El Cajon, CA are ideal for maintaining healthy skin. They’re also the perfect accent to your spa day. Your local soap store in El Cajon, CA offers body lotions made with aloe vera, glycerin, vitamin D and vitamin A, which are essential to maintain healthy skin cells.

Husband Appreciation

April 20th is Husband Appreciation Day. You know your hubby always wants a foot rub, so pick up the perfect gift pack at your soap store in El Cajon, CA to provide his dream massage. It’s the perfect way to say, “I appreciate you!”

Stress Awareness

April is full of reasons to visit your soap store in El Cajon, CA. It’s also the National Month of Stress Awareness. With so many things in our lives that add stress to our days, it’s important to take the time to de-stress on occasion. The right body lotion in El Cajon, CA can help. Whether you spend an hour in a luxurious bath with bath bombs in El Cajon, CA or light a scented soy candle, you’ll feel better in May if you take some time to relax in April.

Expert Input

Not sure how to show your special someone you care? Visit Lynette at your local soap store in El Cajon, CA to discuss how you can let them know you want to take away some of their burdens and stress. It’s easy to show your appreciation or create an in-home getaway that will make your month extra special. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Make the Most of April

Visit Soaps & Scents to get everything you need for this month of appreciation. We’ve been making beautiful handmade soaps for over 20 years. We have bar and liquid soaps in a variety of fragrances and even some fun soaps, such as our Ducky or Cupcake soaps. We use the highest percentage of essential oil and fragrance oil possible, so the products will maintain their wonderful scent even years later. In addition to our soaps, we also offer bath bombs, body lotions, room sprays and more!